Polish up your résumé. If you've never had one before, we totally understand - use some of these resources (Purdue OwlForbesMonsterMiami Career Services), check out résumé templates online (such as these great ones from Miami Career Services), and visit the Howe Writing Center or Howe Writing Initiative to get some feedback once you've completed your own résumé. 

If you are asked to bring a résumé to an event like interviews, bring extra copies! Active members of Phi Chi Theta are all interested in seeing your experience, and giving them their own physical copy of your résumé to look over is a professional and considerate move.

Introduce yourself to as many active members of Phi Chi Theta as possible during the recruitment process. The more people who can vouch for how great you are, the better!

Before interviews, practice answering some common interview questions. You shouldn't necessarily memorize your answers, but having an idea of what you would like to say will make you feel much more prepared.

Smile, be confident, and get to know us! Phi Chis are very excited to get to know you and hear what you'd add to the chapter. We understand that recruitment can be nerve-racking, so we do our best to make the process fun for you.

Virtual Recruitment: 

  • Be as professional as possible, from your dress to your setting / background. 

  • Make sure your technology works beforehand. 

  • Be ready to share your virtual resume. 


Who can join PCT?

Phi Chi Theta is a unique organization, so we are looking for unique individuals to join our chapter, not specific "types" of people. That said, here are a few qualities in potential candidates that we'd like to see.

  • Business Interests, Not Just Business Majors: Though we are a professional business fraternity, you do not need to be a business major to rush Phi Chi Theta - we accept all majors! As long as you have a business major, minor, or interest you are eligible.  (You must be taking at least one class in Farmer to be considered a "business interest")

  • Our Three Pillars: Phi Chi Theta is founded on the pillars of Professionalism, Philanthropy, and Brotherhood. We'd love to see incoming members demonstrate how they will uphold these values. Familiarize yourself with these pillars before recruitment.

  • Commitment: Members of Phi Chi Theta love Phi Chi Theta. We always say that you get out of Phi Chi Theta what you put into the organization, and we want to see that candidates will be willing to put in time and effort to continue to improve our organization so that they can reap the rewards! Phi Chi Theta is a family and we want you to be part of it!

  • Collaborative Dedication: Phi Chis work together to improve ourselves and each other. We want to see that you will be committed to being your best self, and will contribute to our organization as a whole.